Book Authored (ISBN-10: 0824821599)

Book Authored (ISBN-10: 0824821599)
Sovereign Rights and Territorial Space in Sino-Japanese Relations: Irredentism and the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands (ISBN-10: 0824824938)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Test Obama-I

The young president of the United States has stayed in his office less than a month; one of major challenges that might face to the US. Surprisingly, it is not the Middle East problem. On 3 February 2009, President Kurmanbek Bakiyev of Kyrgyzstan informed the Obama administration that Kyrgyzstan will close a U.S. air base. The announcement seemed to catch American diplomats by surprise. In the next day, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and President Kyrgyzstan announced officially to the world in Moscow. Basically, within 24 hours, the global media reported that Obama’s diplomacy is challenging. The air base in Kyrgyzstan is located at the Manas airport near capital of Bishkek, the only American military foothold in Central Asia. Geopolitically speaking, the location of the Manas airport is straddling Europe and close to volatile nations such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Since Obama is going to shift the American forces to Afghanistan from Iraqi, it is shocked to young president. What will the US and NATO do next? Will Obama ask China to open its territory to access Afghanistan?

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