Book Authored (ISBN-10: 0824821599)

Book Authored (ISBN-10: 0824821599)
Sovereign Rights and Territorial Space in Sino-Japanese Relations: Irredentism and the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands (ISBN-10: 0824824938)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sino-U.S. Collision -II

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll indicates that the majority of Americans believe that China will be the leading superpower in 21st century. In terms of the economy, 41 percent of Americans believe that this century is the Chinese century, while 40 percent of Americans continue to believe that this is the American century. In terms of world affairs, 43 percent say that the Chinese lead, while 38 percent say America remains on top. (Washington Post, 25 February 2010). In the 1980s, when the Japanese bought Rockefeller Center and ABC NEWS Building, many Americans thought that Japan would lead the future. About 30 years later, where is Japan?
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